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Myers Briggs Type Indicator

This questionnaire provides a highly insightful framework for individual and group development, provoking self-awareness by looking at how a person perceives the world and how they prefer to interact with others. The MBTI instrument sorts individuals into psychological 'types' so that they can identify how they are similar to some people and different to others, and how they can improve their working and personal relationships in a positive and constructive way.

MBTI identifies an individual's psychological 'type' made up of four basic preferences that are represented by the letters, E-I, S-N, T-F and J-P and provides a common language around how we interact with the world and each other.

The questionnaire is easy to grasp and thought-provoking. however, the real benefit of the exercise comes in the feedback session with a trained practitioner where many experience 'light bulb moments' as they gain an understanding of their own and others' psychological type.

Because the MBTI tool provides a common language for appreciating interpersonal differences, many organisations make it their instrument of choice across their development programmes. For individuals, to be able to safely explore their understanding themselves as they relate to the world and to others can be life-transforming.

16pf traits

The 16pf Personality Questionnaire 16pf

This questionnaire measures a set of 16 traits that describe and predict a person's behaviour in a variety of contexts. Interpreted by a qualified practitioner, it aims to provide comprehensive information about an individual's whole personality, revealing potential, confirming capacity to sustain performance in a larger role and helping identify development needs.

For individuals the 16pf offers personal insight into their own strengths, relationships with others, areas for development, their potential and career fit - now and in the future.

For managers the depth and breadth of the 16pf allows you to develop and motivate your people based on a 'full picture'. In recruitment and selection the 16pf removes the subjectivity inherent in the interview process, helping you to appoint the person best suited for the new job.

In addition to MBTI and 16pf, Paul Glover at Credo Coaching is accredited by the British Psychological Society to administer psychometric testing from a wide range of providers: To discuss your specific requirements for Personality Profiles and Psychometric tests please contact us:

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